Saturday, February 27, 2010


so my weekend hit a kick start i guess..
Yesterday we went to the Chili cook off at 3:00 , with a group of friends and of course when you are somewhere like that you meet up with more people so i had some of my school friends mixed in there as well
after we down scaled the group a bit , and all went to a movie Day Breakers ...that movie was ok not one of the best!
after we stopped by Mikys house for a little said our goodbyes..well..see you laters :)
then Arno , Benno , and I oh we picked up James at mikys house :P we all started walking Benno & James split up from Arno & I ..then Arno and i went to my house had dinner and started watching Avatar we only got half way through then we realized the time and Arno had to be home before 11:30 so we said our goodbyes and we are supposedly finishing the movie tonight..
today i got invited to the Chili cook off again at 1:30...but theres nothing really much to do there and once is kinda enough for me ...but i will think about it , i want to go to the movie at 3:30 i got invited to as well though :)
then hopefully i will see Arno later tonight ...!
note: this is just a page out of my weekend XD

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  1. You ever gonna write again girlie? This was posted AGES ago!