Wednesday, April 14, 2010


...I cannot help but miss him.. it hurts because he is the one that cut the hurts because i cannot help the way my heart feels about him..yet he cannot help how his heart feels about me...that is nothing now....he told me to my face he does not love me ..but i keep thinking...that cannot be true...of if so it was never love he felt in the first place...there had to be something else ...i think he just needs some least i hope he does...& i hope he will come back to me..i won't count on's hard...i miss him....i got my mind off him for awhile being back at school & in the flow of my school work & friends again..but then again i get asked a lot of questions about it like why did i break up with him.. yet...i did not he did.......I just tell people that it's not there place ..because ..honestly i don't open up to strangers ...& they are like strangers i just see them in school does not mean they are my best classroom friends & some others yes but not people in grade 7 who are only talking to me because of that and they want to hear more gossip ! Sunday morning ( the day after he broke up with me ) i got barely any sleep the night after Monday i woke up at 4:15 am and could not stop thinking about him....and everything.. Monday is when the pain started to go away and i felt fine Tuesday even better & Paola slept over & i kept my mind busy & off Arno and ..everything....( Wednesday ) Today..i broke down....on the bus from iceland ( ice skating class trip was fun..but.....that...) thanks to paola i had someone to hold me while i cried ..i know i need to let go..and i understand that..but i love him & ..i won't make a major scene when i see him at Lilys birthday this Sunday...but....I am very hurt...and i understand we are just friends now but i still love him...
i am very worried about seeing him on Sunday...i hope i don't lose my cool & break down crying......I feel not ready to see him ...he will be fine & all happy while i am trying with all my might to keep cool & not cry....//////****
:( ...meh....:( he was my's hard getting over this i know i have a lot..i am way stronger then i was Saturday.. i did not understand why he broke up with me...but he needs space & he said he does not love me...i think he cares about me does not just go away that quickly but..he needs space to think & reflect ..
I cried mainly today because i miss him...i miss being around him...i am so used to it.....being without him is going to take adjusting to but day by day i think i am getting better..then something like this happens & i break down and cry in front of my whole damn class....:(
*sigh* Lily just note i am worried about Sunday & i am sorry if anything happens & please take account into hand i DON'T want to cry in front of him..or anyone...but i cannot promise anything....but i don't want to not come because i am exited about seeing everyone...& after all Arno & I are "friends" now...

Saturday, February 27, 2010


so my weekend hit a kick start i guess..
Yesterday we went to the Chili cook off at 3:00 , with a group of friends and of course when you are somewhere like that you meet up with more people so i had some of my school friends mixed in there as well
after we down scaled the group a bit , and all went to a movie Day Breakers ...that movie was ok not one of the best!
after we stopped by Mikys house for a little said our goodbyes..well..see you laters :)
then Arno , Benno , and I oh we picked up James at mikys house :P we all started walking Benno & James split up from Arno & I ..then Arno and i went to my house had dinner and started watching Avatar we only got half way through then we realized the time and Arno had to be home before 11:30 so we said our goodbyes and we are supposedly finishing the movie tonight..
today i got invited to the Chili cook off again at 1:30...but theres nothing really much to do there and once is kinda enough for me ...but i will think about it , i want to go to the movie at 3:30 i got invited to as well though :)
then hopefully i will see Arno later tonight ...!
note: this is just a page out of my weekend XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

:O 1st blog i promise i will get better at this readers !

it's amazing how the little things in life matter so much...and can mean so much
like one small kiss on the forehead says it all , or seeing your friends smiling can keep you from crying ..., my weekend was amazing ...seeing my friends in particular so happy..i have never seen her so happy in all the time i have known her ...and that has not been a long time..come to think of it a year and half or so does upset me she is in pain right now as well as him...both of them dying for each other inside and counting down the days till they see each other again..but it's not the end it's never the end "when you are young everything seems like the end of the world but it's not it's just the beginning " , when you say goodbye say see you later it's not goodbye it's never goodbye till you die ...., i wish you two the best of luck in the near future and i know in my heart you two are right for each other and soul mates! and i seriously mean soul mates when i say it..i have never seen any couple our age click like you two....!!
watching my friends grow is amazing and so wonderful to see...
i cherish them all ! , on that note we should make more scrapbooks and take lots of pictures because pictures make memories good or bad you still can reflect and remember those good / or bad times you have had ...